Photography has been part of my life for over 30 years. I remember being given a Pentax K1000 SLR camera for my 13th birthday; that day changed my life forever. Truth is, I wish that I still owned that camera.

I am simply one of those people who love photography. I was told early in my life that if you can make your avocation your vocation, you’ll have a happy life. This is the premise I have followed throughout my career; whether it was undergraduate and graduate studies, teaching, lecturing, writing, or working as a photographer, I have always believed in doing what makes one happy.

enjoying a fresh cup of java straight from the plantation - Kalaheo, HI

enjoying a fresh cup of java straight from the plantation - Kalaheo, HI

Whether as a student or as a young photographer, if it weren’t for a handful of mentors, my career would not have been as fruitful. That’s why I became an educator and author. I began teaching photography at the collegiate level in 1998 and have held either an adjunct or full-time position ever since. Along with running a studio, teaching, and writing, I am a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and seminars around the country. 

As one of the Adobe Community Professionals, I am fortunate to be on the leading edge of new techniques and tools that are coming available for photographers and image-makers.  This also affords me great opportunities to share this information, which is one of the things that I wish to do with this website and blog...

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Recent Writings

Lighting for Professional Photographers (2019 Release / Routledge/Focal Press ISBN-10: 0815348592) click to order

Light Right:  Learn How to Create Images, Set Up a Studio, and Launch Your Photographic Career (ISBN-10: 0-321-86385-2)

Simple Post Processing:  A Photographer's Guide to Workflow Options for all of Your Images in Lightroom (ISBN-10: 0-13-376323-4)

How to Light Beer:  A Photographer's Guide to Working with Cans, Bottles, and Pours (ISBN-10: 0-13-354938-0)

Lighting Fundamentals for Photographers:  Learn by Video (ISBN-10: 0-321-96912-X)