Adobe Educator Summit – Portland, OR

2013 The Year in Review – July

Every year, Adobe invites twenty educators from around the county to participate in a week of lively discussions, presentations, demonstrations, a ton of great food, and this year I was fortunate to be included.  I truly felt honored to be in such great company of imaging educators and people such as Julieanne Kost from Adobe.  What struck me the most was how open and sharing everyone was; no topic was taboo.  Educators shared their teaching philosophies, and Adobe let us know about changes on the horizon, and listened to our gripes and wish lists. 

The week ended with me thinking that we are in really good shape; this is a great time to be working and teaching photography and digital imaging.  As we all know, the world of photography is rapidly changing, but having educators and industry working together is exciting.  Thank you again Adobe for bringing us together!