The SPE National Conference – Chicago, Ill

2013 The Year in Review - March

Once a year, a great event takes place that brings together some of the nations brightest photographic educators and industry professions at the Society of Photographic Educators National Conference.  It’s a perfect time to connect with old friends and make new ones. This year the event was held in Chicago and celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.   

For me, this year's event had a little extra meaning because not only was my book “Light Right” being released at SPE, but I was also moderating a panel discussion called, "Trends and Tools in Photographic Education, Where Photographic Education is now…and where it’s Heading?”   With an all-star panel that included, Ted Waitt, Jeff Curto, Rebecca Nolan, and Randall Armour, and an audience of over two hundred, my task was easy; the discussion just flowed. 

The biggest realization came at the end of the discussion, and that is that schools need to do a MUCH better job preparing students for what happens after they graduate.  Too many students are graduating without ever taking a business or marketing class.  Being an amazing photographer will only get you so far, you must know how to run a business.

Minus the flight home being cancelled resulting from a little snow in Colorado, the 2013 SPE National Conference was great.  I hope to see everyone next year in Baltimore.