Photographers and Software

Wednesday evening I spent a few hours giving a presentation on Adobe software to a group of photographers and students at an ASMP Colorado event.  First off, I need to thank a few groups that helped make this happen.

ASMP:  Thank you for asking me to speak and giving me an audience.  We had a great turnout.

Participants:  I really appreciate your attending the event, especially when the Colorado Avalanche are in a game seven (we wont discuss the outcome).  The questions were great!

Adobe:  Thanks for the schwag; its always nice to have something to share.

Okay, back to the matter at hand.  The plan for the evening was to discuss some of the myths that are still floating around since the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, what Creative Cloud is, recent Lightroom and Photoshop updates, and some of my favorite tools.  Except for running out of time, and not getting to a few of my favorite items, I feel we covered most of the bases.  Who knew that I could talk for over two hours straight?

Myths:  I dont want to go into too many details as there is already a video on the blog addressing the subject.  However, it was really good to be able to put the notion to rest that you need to be connected to the internet to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications; they simply download from the cloud to your computer.

I have to admit that when doing my own research I found it eye opening to learn just how many updates have been made to Photoshop CC in eleven months.  It really shows the speed things are changing.  This is much better than waiting for the old twelve or eighteen-month cycle.

Here are a few of the updates:

June 2013:  Shake Reduction, Image Resize, Behance integration, Sync Settings, 3D imaging, Smart Sharpen Filter enhancement, ACR as filter, Spot Removal Tool, Radial Filter, Upright Modes, +many others

Sept 2013:  Generator (generate image assets from Layers), Shake Reduction improvements, 12+

January 2014:  Warp Perspective, Print 3D Objects, 3D Imaging, Linked Smart Objects, ACR updates, 20+ more

April 2014:  Lightroom Mobile

Soon 2014:  ???  Stay Tuned – They are pretty cool!

The list of applications that are part of the Creative Cloud is rather impressive and growing.  The Lightroom 5.4 upgrade brings us Lightroom Mobile, which includes a free app for your mobile device.  I love that you can sync collection between your desktop computer and mobile device, but my favorite part is being able to automatically sync new mobile device captures directly to Lightroom.  I KNOW that most of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of images that live only on our phones.  Lightroom Mobile has its limitations, but considering this is version one; I think it's a great first step.

The following is a list of relatively new / updated features that opened a few people’s eyes on Wednesday.  Sometimes, its the most subtle changes that have the biggest impact.

Upright / Lens Correction (LR/ACR)

Advanced Healing (LR/ACR)

Radial Filter (LR/ACR)

Lightroom Mobile (LR)

Perspective Warp (PS) –This was the biggest crowd pleaser

Smart Sharpen (PS)

ACR as a Filter (PS)

Intelligent Upsampling (PS)

Sync – Preferences (PS)

I know that the presentation ended with a few people still skeptical about Adobes Creative Cloud, and thats okay.  My goal is to inform, and help people make an educated decision on what is best for them; we each have unique needs. 

Thursday morning I received a call from a professional photographer who attended the presentation. They wanted to let me know that although they have used Photoshop for over a decade (and believed they were very knowledgeable) that there were multiple updated features they could use to improve their work and workflow.

As they stated, Maybe its time to take a second look