Food Photography Workshop – Missoula, MT

2013 The Year in Review – September

One of my favorite weeks of the year is running a Food and Product Photography workshop at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.   How can you go wrong spending a week in Missoula in mid-September?  The students were amazing.  I have run this workshop for a handful of years, and I have to say that this group of students really stood out; they came ready to work and loaded with questions.  I even had my first repeat customer.

My awesome assistant, Robert Allison, and I tried something a little different this year, which will definitely be added into the teaching bag of tricks.  Instead of us walking the students through a demo, we stood back and acted as a client sharing a vision.  The students worked as teams of photographer and art director, each team overseeing an element of the image.  This really made it a hands-on demo, one that the students took full ownership.    Thanks again for another fun week RMSP and Missoula.  

Light Right arrives!

2013 The Year in Review - March

I know exactly how Steve Martin felt in the Jerk when he ran around screaming, “The new phone book’s here!”   And “I’m in print!  Things are going to start happening for me now.”  You see, after more than one sleepless night, “Light Right:  Learn How to Create Images, Set Up a Studio, and Launch Your Photographic Career” arrived on my doorstep.  I am guessing that I freaked the UPS driver a little as I ripped the box from his hands.

My coauthor, Brad Bartholomew, and I are just ecstatic with the final book, and we also know that this would have never been possible with all the support we received from other photographers and the team from Peachpit Press; they were amazing.  click to purchase