LR vs PS, which do I need?

I was reading a Facebook post the other day of a photographer addressing whether they were going to subscribe to Creative Cloud, or just purchase Lightroom.  My take-away from the post was that they, in their mind, could do without Photoshop, but taking away Lightroom would be an act of war.  This appears to be a common discussion as people are a tad worried that Adobe may increase the subscription cost once people are hooked.  Personally, I dont see this happening, but thats for another discussion. 

This decision is getting little more difficult because each new version of Lightroom becomes more robust.  Of course, this decision should be based on ones work and workflow, but for me, I see the two working in tandem.  This video provides a little insight into my workflow and how I use the two applications.  

What do you think?

LR vs PH, which do I need?

Adobe Creative Cloud - Myths +

It’s hard to believe that almost seven months has past since Adobe announced the full switch to Creative Cloud.  I mentioned in an earlier post there has been a love-it or hate-it relationship, but I strongly feel as though more software companies will follow suit.  As an Adobe Community Professional, and someone who likes to chat about Photoshop, I’ve noticed that there is much misinformation surrounding the Creative Cloud.  I am hoping that the below video clears up some of the misinformation, and provides a few details about Photoshop CC.  -Enjoy 

Adobe CC Myths +

Adobe and the Creative Cloud

2013 The Year in Review – May

Love it or hate it, the world around digital imaging has changed.  Adobe’s new business model for many of our loved programs is that of a subscription service instead of a perpetual license.  No longer will we see an upgrade every twelve or eighteen months, but rather Adobe can update the application as new features become available.  No longer will we have CS5, CS6, CS; we simply have CC.  Photoshop CS6 was version 13, and when Photoshop CC was released it was version 14, which means it’s still easy to track the progression of the program.  It’s my understanding that every year or so, or when there is a major change we’ll see a new version, but still under the CC banner.

I for one am in the Love It camp when it comes to the new model.  I fully understand that it is not for everyone, and I respect that.  The desire to work with the latest and greatest tools and options is part of my DNA.